Hyaluronic acid

Filling Up Beauty  |  Adding Natural Volume to Hyaluronic Acid’s Safety  Elasticity Design for you, QH Bio.


R Square Technology?

It is a new process that combines PASTE with
revolution and rotation to uniformly mix two high
viscosity formulations.

The GEL from TIRAMER fillers fills the lines completely and the PARTICLES hold out the gel strongly.

R Square Technology maintains the shape of a cross-linking gel surrounding the cross-linking particles by mixing GEL and PARTICLE evenly, and reduces the unnaturalness of the resilient cross-linking particles directly contacting the treatment site.

Layer A (Cross-linked gel)

Layer B (Cross-linked particles)




The effective factor : Fully hydrated HA filler

With minimal expansion, It is possible prevent patient claims

The more hydrated HA filler is the less swelling/ edema it causes during the procedure.

If the hydration is not sufficient, early edema makes it difficult to predict the procedure process.

300IU can be removed within 2 hours

HA fillers should be easy to adjust.

The reason to use HA fillers is that they are safe and can be easily removed if adjustments are needed.

HA Sensitivity by Hyaluronidase

by Hyaluronidase

VAS Score

The satisfaction factor : Less pain HA filler

VAS Score 2.3 means that the Procedure is almost painless

The less pain the HA filler causes during the procedure, the higher the patient satisfaction will be.

The higher the pain index is, the more severe the pain will be

With 11N gentle balanced injection is achieved

HA fillers should be injected smoothly and evenly.

10N↓ may cause excessive injection whereas
20N↑ may cause discomfort.

Extrusion Force

The injection pressure factor : Lowered injection pressure

Depth Difficulty

The simple factor : maneuver

The naturalness of the gel and the lifting effect of particles provide perfect combination.

If HA filler requires fewer considerations for doctors,
it will be easier for doctors to modify and fix fillers during the procedure.

The gel fills the lines completely and the particles hold out the gel strongly.


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