Tiramer Lifting Threads

Blooming Beauty 
Get Truly Beautiful Face Line in 30 Minutes 
Lifting Design for you, QH Bio

None Side effects with blunted premium cannulas

Avoiding the risk of side effects (pain, edema, hematoma, nerve disorder and etc.) with patented premium cannulas.

Tiramer Premium V-line cog?

Patented designs with CNG own technology by proven PDO thread and cog leads to maximization of the result based on safety

Premium blunt cannulas & needles

Needle hole: Its surface is smooth as it has been processed with special electrolysis.

Needle pipe: Through the smooth micro needle type with special process, it has reduced pain and side effect to the highest level.

Coating with Special Silica Gel: Its treatment process is very smooth.

Handle: HUB conforms to the human body engineering design and its color is different when other gage is used.


Blunt Type Half L

Blunt Type W

Blunt Type L

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