Hyaluronic acid

Filling Up Beauty  |  Adding Natural Volume to Hyaluronic Acid’s Safety  Elasticity Design for you, QH Bio.


The same structure
regardless of species
(Non-toxic, Non-Immunogenic)
Excellent viscoelasticity
Substances essential
to cell production,
division, differentiation
Key components of Extracellular Matrix

3 STEPS Effects

WELLSTOX is a hyaluronic acid of extracted from the reticular tissue, it shows a very low decrease in the infection volume.  Since WELLSTOX has a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, WELLSTOX maintains the original amount for a long time.

Step 01

By adjusting the degree
ofthe network, it is
easy to use and
improve the durability.

Step 02

After the decomposition
profile has increased
it tends to decrease gradually
to maintain consistent elasticity.

Step 03

Ultra-low molecular
HA accelerates recovery
of collagen, elastin and
hyaluronic acid
(tissue regeneration)


Safety is essential because it is a substance that goes into the body. WELLSTOX has significantly reduced its hypersensitivity and energic new content by using hyaluronic acid listed in the FDA, EDQM, Europe.


WELLSTOX maintains the volume for a long period of time thanks to WELLSTOX’s unique structure control technology with high concentration of CROSS-LINK HA.

Professional Treatment

The filler is defined as a relatively simple medical device that can only be treated within a hospital, thus treatment should be carried out by a specialist with sufficient experience and qualifications in order to ensure maximum satisfaction of a patient.

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