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Welcome to If you want to buy steroids online then is the best place to be. We have a huge range of both injectable and oral steroids; ship all items rapidly and discreetly; accept payment by credit/debit card and Paypal, and will give free advice on anything related to steroids and bodybuilding should you need it.

In this piece (written by our in-house steroid expert), we will take an in-depth examination into the purchase of anabolics online, which steroids can be purchased, how to make purchases safely and securely, how to select the best online steroid store, and which payment methods are best.

Our Guide to Buying Steroids from Online Stores

The amount of steroids and performance enhancing drugs that are being purchased in Australia has increased astronomically over the last decade – particularly in the last few years. The desire for a perfect body has never been so popular, and with the pressures that both society and social media place on people today it is no surprise to see people turn to steroids to boost their performance and physique, build muscle, burn fat etc. And it is because of these factors that more and more people are turning to performance enhancing drugs such as anabolic steroids. But how are people sourcing these and can they be bought online safely and securely? In today’s article we look into the world of buying steroids online and provide use our expertise to ensure that you make the right decisions when making an online steroid purchase.

Where is the best place to find steroid suppliers?

Although many believe that there is some sort of secret portal or clandestine club where steroid users purchase their wares, the answer to the above question is a simple one. Where to look? Google. Yes, it really is that simple and straightforward! However, the process of choosing the right site is not as easy as going onto Google, choosing a site, placing an order and then receiving your goods. As the buying and selling of anabolic steroids is a grey/black market, one must be aware of this and take the necessary precautions. Luckily for you we have many years of expertise in this area and are therefore able to guide you through the process with relative ease.

Step 1: Decide which types of steroids you want to take and what sort of cycle you want to run. Oral? Injectable? A combination of both? Will you be bulking, cutting, ‘recomping’ or trying to gain strength? Once you have decided upon these then you must choose which compounds you want to take. If you’re looking to inject then testosterone is a must – but will you add any compounds on top of this? If you’re adding an oral will you wanting something for bulking, i.e. Dianabol or Anadrol, or will you be looking for compounds that help you cut such as Anavar and Winstrol? These decisions are imperative. You must know exactly what your goals are and what type of steroids you want to take to achieve them.

Step 2: Which brands/Underground labs? There so many different brands of steroids out there that it can be extremely difficult knowing which to go for. If you’re in this position then speak to others who use steroids and see what they recommend. Remember, never ask someone who sells steroids as they will push the labs that they are supplying. If you don’t know anyone who uses the get yourself on bodybuilding forums. There are plenty of these and most will allow source discussion. People are typically more honest on the internet, so carry out your research and see which brand(s) ‘tick all the boxes’.

Step 3: Find a source. Get onto Google and search for something related to purchasing anabolics online. You will be presented with many, many websites. Our advice here is to visit numerous pages on the first and second pages of Google, see if they have the brand(s) and compounds you wish to use, then make a note of these. Once you have around five or six on your list you can carry on to step 4.

Step 4: Head over to and These are steroid review sites which are completely independent. On these websites you’ll be able to read reviews of potential suppliers and brands, and see what kind of reputation they currently have. Read the reviews and see which one you trust the most. Does it have positive reviews? Are there recent reviews? Does the owner of the site respond to reviews (good or bad)? These are just a few question you should be asking.

‘How can I pay for steroids?’

Once you’ve decided which supplier to use you will then have to go ahead and make a purchase. Doing this is pretty much like and other form of online purchase, but with one slight difference – the payment methods are usually a little difference. Because steroids are within the grey/black market, credit card processing companies such as WorldPay will not allow vendors selling these products to take card payments for them (for obvious reasons), therefore it can be difficult to find sites that are able to take payment via card. If they do take this form of payment then they’ve either found a loophole, or are using another website as a ‘front’ for their real business. Either way, if you do find a site that accepts cards then you can rest assured it is safe and secure. Why? Because with the amount of fraud that happens nowadays credit card processing companies are clued up on this and therefore the security measures they use are exceptionally good.

In addition, card payments also come with security. Security that other payment forms don’t offer. Wire transfer, money transfers and the like don’t come with the ability to do a chargeback. Although suppliers will tell potential buyers that card payments aren’t anonymous, in reality no payment type is. Our advice: use the safest way to pay. Which, in our opinion is ‘plastic’.

Top tip: Place a ‘test order’ before committing to a larger one. Even if a site has rave reviews it is better to be safe than sorry. Buy one vial or pack of tablets first, then see how that goes before buying more.

Is buying steroids off the internet safe?

I get asked this question quite often, so I thought it would be wise to finish this article off with a short section discussing this topic. In Australia it is safer than ever to purchase anabolics online. There are more and more websites that now accept card payments, and with the number of review sites and bodybuilding forums there are out there an scammers or unscrupulous sellers are soon found out and word spreads. If you follow our steps above then you should not have any issues whatsoever, but if you’re still unsure get in touch with us here.



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