Hyaluronic acid

Filling Up Beauty.
Adding Natural Volume to Hyaluronic Acid’s Safety.
Elasticity Design for you, QH Bio.

Secret Rose™

Cross-Linked Hyaluronic Acid

SECRET ROSE contains 0.3% of lidocaine hydrochloride. The hyaluronic acid is made with non-animal derived cross-linking agent contains sterile and physiological gel.

Long Lasting Results

Secret RoseTM features high molecular weight and cross-linking function. As a result, Secret RoseTM reduces skin aging and last longer with outstanding molding effect.


Secret RoseTM contains cross-linking agent and hyaluronic acid. It also comes with disposable sterilized syringe and needle for simple treatment. Secret Rose TM enhances viscoelasticity and injects drugs to skin precisely by using a thin needle. Secret RoseTM also contains lidocaine for minimum pain and it provides the optimum volume even with less injection amount.

Safe & Effect

Secret RoseTM manufactured in Korea is a sterilized medical device and it complies with the thorough international standards. Secret RoseTM is the hyaluronic acid combined with non-animal derived cross-linking agent using BDDE as the linking agent. Secret RoseTM contains less endotoxin compared to other products and it uses QH Bio’s original dialysis technology to be free from BDDE residue.

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